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Come and experience our 24 unit system


50% off for any brand new client for a single 2-hour session only.
Just use code 50OFF when booking to pay only $75!

single session​

2-Hour Single Session​


Single Use Packages

2-Person Single Use Package

This package must be used by 2 people attending together in a single 2-h session.



Arrive at 8.30pm to settle in by 9pm. Your session goes through until 7am giving you 10 hours in the EESystem.

Beds are very comfortable King Single Size Mattresses on foldaway frames.

Bedding is supplied but feel free to bring your own.

Overnight bookings are exclusive to you and whoever you choose to bring. There is no sharing of the room with anyone you don’t know.

Cost is $550 per person or $1,000 for two people.
Our capacity for overnights is 4 people on 4 King Single Beds.
Cost is: $550 for one person; or
$1,000 for two people; or 
$1,200 for three people; or
$1,400 for four people.
For all new Package rates for your overnight sessions, see below under Packages!
To book please contact us via 0483 219 512 or


All our packages can now be used by your family, your household or your friends.
So get together, purchase a package and start coming for less!



5 x 2 hours = 10 hours

($130 for 2h)



10 x 2 hours = 20 hours

($120 for 2h)



20 x 2 hours = 40 hours

($100 for 2h)

5 Session Overnight Package!


So get 5 nights for the price of 4, get 1 night FREE

5 Session Overnight Pairs Package


So get 5 nights for the price of 4, get 1 night FREE

(The two people must come together for the 5 nights).

Please email or phone to purchase these packages for your overnight stays.

*There’s a 6 month validity to all packages
*Packages can all now be shared by your household or friends
Pensioners: 10% off 
Children: 11-18 years of age 50% off when accompanied by a Paying Adult.  Please note: sessions require stillness and silence.
If you are wanting to bring your child who is 0-10 years of age (the child comes Free when accompanied by their paying parent/guardian), please contact us as if there is sufficient interest, we will hold a dedicated session weekly for parents with young children.
Veterans: 50% off

First Responders: 10% off (Includes Police, Ambulance or Fire Department Employees)

Carers: 50% off (when accompanying their regular paying client)
Unifyd TV: 10% discount to all current members.  Please note: a current proof of membership is required.   
All appropriate current I.D.’s for the above discounts are required to be shown, otherwise full rates will apply.
Please contact us for details on how to book using these discounts on 0483 219 512 or via email on
Note: No further discounts will apply.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher: Single Session 

Gift Voucher: 2-Person Single Use Package


Gift Voucher: Silver Package

5 x 2-hour Sessions

Gift Voucher: Gold Package 

10 x 2-hour Sessions

Use coupon code “EASTER” for 10% OFF

Gift Voucher:  *Platinum Package $2,000

20 x 2-hour Sessions
*Can be used by 2 nominated people

Use coupon code “EASTER” for 10% OFF

Session times will be:


  • 10am-12noon
  • 12.30-2.30pm
  • 3-5pm

There is no 3pm session on Thursdays

If you book two consecutive sessions (4 hours) you’ll get the 30-minute break in between sessions for free. So you’ll get 4.5 hours.


If you book yourself a session and then refer 3 new customers who also book by sending them your unique referral link emailed to you when you first booked, you will receive one free 2-hour session!!  Plus your referral link gives your friends a 20% discount on their first single 2- hour session.

For details, contact us directly on 0483 219 512.

How to prepare for your session

It is important to arrive at least 10 minutes early for your session so the session can commence without interruption. If it is your first time please come 15 minutes before your session time to have time for your orientation and guidelines.

Please bring a water bottle or travel cup with a lid and come with socks. The Lounge is a shoes off room.

You may wish to bring a small neck pillow, ear plugs or an eye mask.
Make sure your bowels are moving prior to coming for your session. You may find it useful to take a healthy supplement which we will stock to assist.

What to do after your session

The Salt Baths are a must after your session. Without them you may find your system re-absorbs the toxins it worked so hard to remove or you could experience detox symptoms that are minor or more significant. If you don’t have access to a bath, simply do a foot bath with a quarter to a half the quantity of salts in the recipe below.

Salt Bath recipe:

  • 2 cups Sea Salt (Celtic Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Kosher Salt (with no caking agents)
  • 2 cups Baking Soda
  • 1 cup Borax

Salt bath kits are available at Scalar Lounge for $20. All ingredients are pure and Aluminium free.

This project would not exist without the continued support of Julien & Dolores Willm of & a lifetime of support from Aunty Nina.  May you all be blessed always for all the love and kindness you have given me

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