Published clinical studies

  • Scalar field therapy and mitigation of seizure disorder – Dr Terry Shintani | Study


Research Studies

  • EES treatment case study – Michael S. Cook. D.C., Dipl. Ac. | Study
  • Biological interactions with scalar energy cellular mechanisms of action – Dr. G. Rein, Stanford, CA | Study
  • Initial clinical study – Dr. V. Marcial-Vega, FL | Study
  • Research results – Dr. V. Marcial-Vega, Canada | Study
  • The EES and improved psychological well-being – Dr. L. Marconi, HI | Study
  • Electromagnetic pollution to scalar enhancement – Dr. S. DeVita, Canada | Study
  • Pilot study on the effects of the scalar room – N. Loeffler, OR | Study
  •  Pilot study at Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic – Dr. Lorne G. Swetlikoff, B.Sc., N.D. | Study
  • GDF Bioelectrography Results | Study
  • Hudspeth Pre & Post Brain maps – Dr.N. White, PhD, Houston, TX | Study
  • EES Scalar Energy: An informal pilot “snapshot” clinical study – Linda Nadia Hole MD | Study

additional research material

  • The Barron Report | Read
  • Your Healing Energy at “Full Tilt Boogie” | Read
  • John Orava, PhD, Physicist on the EESstem Effect | Read

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This project would not exist without the continued support of Julien & Dolores Willm of & a lifetime of support from Aunty Nina.  May you all be blessed always for all the love and kindness you have given me.

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