Terms & Conditions

The facilities provided by Scalar Lounge are of a therapeutic nature only. They do not claim to be diagnostic or curative and therefore any suggestions and recommendations made are not a substitute for prompt medical attention. Clients should continue to see their health care provider and should not stop prescribed medications.

Scalar Lounge provides no guarantee of the results from a treatment and are not responsible for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms. We accept no responsibility for the client once they leave our facility.
All information provided by the client will be strictly confidential.

Money Back Policy
There are no guarantees of specific results with the EESystem sessions. However, if you purchase a package of 10 or more hours and you feel that this is not for you after trying it for up to 6 hours, simply ask and we will refund your money for the remaining hours not used.

Cancellation Policy
To avoid being charged a Late Fee at the Standard Booking Rate, clients need to give 24 hours notice in advance of their appointment to cancel their appointment via our Calendar.



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