Unlocking the Potential: A Journey into the EESystem Experience

This article first appeared in Holistic Bliss Online Magazine

Over the past year, the EESystem has captivated the public’s attention, leaving many curious minds to ponder, “What is the essence of this experience?” This article seeks to provide a sneak peek into this phenomenon, acknowledging that the true essence can only be fully appreciated through a firsthand encounter within the system itself.

Imagine optimising your body’s innate capabilities by reclining in a plush chair, inducing deep relaxation or even a restful sleep. This is the transformative encounter awaiting visitors at our EESystem Scalar Lounge in Wooloowin, Brisbane. But why is it so remarkably effective?

At the heart of this experience is a 24-unit system comprised of computer monitors emitting an array of frequencies. From poly-chromatic frequencies which is basically light therapy, to pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF), the renowned 7.83 cycles per second (cps) Schumann Resonance, the circa 13.8 cps found in virgin rainforests, the Fibonacci sequence, and the pivotal scalar waves – these diverse frequencies create a hyper-healthy environment, charging every cell in your body. The result? A unique process that unfolds individually for each person.

While it’s impossible to guarantee specific outcomes for individuals, two decades of research by leading scientists, doctors, and physicists suggest potential benefits from this technology, here are just a few possibilities:

• Detoxification

• Neutralisation of harmful EMF/ELF radiation effects, transforming them into positive frequencies

• Induction of super learning states

• Restoration of circadian rhythm

• Potent anti-depressant effects

• DNA repair and lengthening of telomeres

Testimonials abound, spanning a wide spectrum of issues. The research data shows that 100% of blood work is changed positively after just a few hours in the EESystem. My last article outlined how the nervous system is changed from exposure to the EESystem frequencies.

Take Jess, a young 33-year-old mother, diagnosed with a posterior fossa meningioma, or brain tumour. Bedridden for weeks and grappling with debilitating pain, she could barely lift her head from the pillow. After just two 2-hour sessions at the Lounge, her pain vanished and has stayed gone for the last few months. Jess continues to attend the Lounge, witnessing vast improvements in her tinnitus, fatigue, and anxiety.

This groundbreaking system heralds a new era in well-being, challenging the traditional models. Instead, it champions the body’s innate prowess, offering a simple yet profound approach that puts well-being back into the hands of the individual.

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