New Scalar Approach to Wellbeing by Viv Spanopoulos

This article first appeared in Holistic Bliss Online Magazine

In today’s fast-paced world, understanding the journey to health can be as perplexing as a child’s misconception that milk originates solely from the supermarket. Many of us have strayed far from comprehending the intricate processes that underpin our well-being, particularly after years of neglect. The path to healing is not straightforward; it demands a nuanced approach and a willingness to re-establish harmony within our bodies.

Living amidst a deluge of environmental toxins in our air, food, water, and soil, our bodies are constantly bombarded with harmful substances. In response, our natural drainage funnel tirelessly works to rid our bodies of these toxins and restore balance. This drainage system operates akin to a funnel, starting with the colon, progressing through the liver and bile ducts (that can then affect the skin, kidneys, and lungs), traversing the lymphatic system, organs and finally reaching down to the cellular level. However, the funnel is dependent on the lower layers as any blockage impedes everything above it, highlighting the critical importance of ensuring optimal colon function to kickstart the drainage process and proper hydration assists every aspect of drainage.

When a client comes for a session at Scalar Lounge and they are exposed to the ultra-healthy EESystem frequencies, all of their cells get charged thus raising the millivoltage of those cells.  With extra charge, those cells then want to discharge anything in the way of healthy function, so the body naturally initiates a profound cleansing process, expelling toxins from organs, tissues, and systems, and ushering them into circulation. To support this detoxification, clients are encouraged to take salt baths[1], which aid in drawing out toxins and facilitating their elimination from the body.

So, the bath can be considered the end of the session.  While many clients report nothing noteworthy in the salt bath, some clients may experience more noticeable effects including the bath water becoming foul-smelling or even turning brown after 30 minutes.  The purpose of the bath is to reduce and eliminate detoxification symptoms and support the body in this process.  

This brings to our understanding the process by which the body heals itself.  It often has to push out toxic material in order to regenerate and correct any imbalances.  So, the pathway to health can appear to be two steps forward, one step backwards.  Or a client may also experience what is termed ‘retracing’ where the body circles back to almost the origin of their health issue and they can in effect ‘re-experience’ the symptoms that had plagued them.  Then there’ll be a transcendence of the issue so that it is either totally or largely eliminated.  To discover more, I encourage you to view the video interview with the EEsystem inventor, Dr Sandra Rose Michael here[2]:

However, sometimes the journey is like flicking a switch and one day things are just different.  Where the client seems to have shifted to a new level of functioning.  For further insight into some of these experiences please click here[3]:

At Scalar Lounge, we are committed not only to providing cutting-edge therapies but also to empowering our clients with knowledge and support. By fostering a deeper understanding of the body’s innate healing mechanisms, we strive to instil hope and confidence in the journey toward holistic wellness. It’s time to reframe our perspective on the healing path and rediscover the body’s miraculous capacity for healing.

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[1] Dr Sandra’s Salt Bath Recipe:  2 cups Salt (Dead Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt etc but NOT Epsom Salts); 2 cups Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminium free); 1 cup Borax.



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